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"Professor! Professor!"

The car sighed and faced the eager young lemon "Yes... whatever your name is?"

The lemon, coloured a rusty bluey green, smartly saluted with his wheel and nodded towards the door "A man to see you. Calls himself Mr XXX." A smirk came across Zundapp's face, as he turned around and drove out the doorway. There standing in the smoking room of Zundapp's mansion, was Mr XXX, also known as The Mad Doctor.

"My friend, it has been too long." The Doctor, though bearing a pleasant grin, clearly had not come here just to have pleasant conversation.

"What is it you want, my good doctor?" Zundapp asked, not in the mood for ducking around. The Mad Doctor nodded towards the scientific room. His helpers were already fixing several electircal appliances.

"Simple. I have certain... adversaries that want me dead. Not least the Colonel of the Nazi force, Heller. He offered me a alliance, but it was so... uncouth. They want me to create a horribly deformed monster. But I am a ARTIST!"

Zundapp smirked "Indeed. And how did that creature go? Did it bark, crow or cackle?"

"Neither, it died"


Zundapp, Grem and Acer were placed into three vats. On the table next to The Mad Doctor's control switch were three human bodies. Many more were stacked behind a closet.

"So explain to me how this works."

"It's simple. I want to transfer your conscience into these bodies to lead your army of lemons to take on Heller's forces. Once you've done that, the group of you can take over the oil station. Okay?"

Zundapp grinned madly "Fine, let it begin!!"

Grem looked at Acer "Are you into reaching new levels of conciousness?"


"Tough, we're getting paid."

The Doctor threw the switch, sending electricity coursing through out the cables and struck the pods. Zundapp's eyes closed, the last thing he saw was Acer clawing at his pod door, looking in pain.


Heller looked through his telescope, seeing the Mad Doctor's castle some way over a hill. He turned around as his second in command, Michel Winters, stepped up beside him. He turned to Heller and sighed "Are we there sir?"

"Indeed Michel, once we have exterminated that pest of a mad scientist, we can go home, to our sweethearts." Heller's voice softened with the thought of his sweet Natalie.


2 Hours Later

The entire Nazi army marched towards the hill, they stopped to rest at the bottom. So what they saw shocked them completely.

There, coming over the hill, was over 200 men. But these men were inside strange metallic suits of armour, which looked like they may have been cars once. The leader's head wasn't covered, so Heller could see the head.

His hair was brown, with streaks of grey. His left eye was covered with a monocle and had mad eyes that move around shiftily.

The germans ran up, but they were cut down mercilessly. Two of them were stabbed by the humanized Acer, who had a right hand that was in fact a chainsaw. He swung around and cut through several more. Meanwhile Grem, now hulking with the new body, smashed through 10 soilders, crushing them in his fists and booting one across the field. Several of the former lemons had, instead of one hand, had several weapons. Guns, Chainsaws, flamethrowers, lazers and even more deadly weapons.

Winters thrust forward with a machine gun, sending a blast of bullets towards Zundapp, who still had both his hands. Zundapp turned around and used his rocket launcher, which was built into his former car form, to destroy him.


The Mad Doctor grinned as Zundapp dumped the bloody, bleeding carcass of Heller into the room. The Nazi's had been slaughtered. After Heller had been captured, Zundapp, Acer and Grem had forced him to drink the oil that Zundapp had produced. They had also forced to swallow glass, andd that was what killed him.

"Thank you, Proffesor. I trust you will be able to run the oil company now?"

"Indeed. Thank you"

As Zundapp and the lemons left the castle, a young scientist ran up, "Sir, Captain Zero is here to see you." The Mad Doctor grinned, as a man completely in shadows came into the room. "Now, what can I do for you Captain?"


"Fellow Sontarans! After our age long war against the Rutons, came to a end when we launched a nuclear device at their planet, and wiped out the entire race, I have grown bored of waiting for combat to come to us. We mus march upon Earth, to prepare for the greatest war ever known. We will take the blue planet for our own. For the honour... and glory... of THE SONTARAN EMPIRE!!!"

Commander Staal 'The Undefeated' watched over the approaching army with relish on his face. Beside him stood Commander Kaargh 'The Slayer', Commander Lynx 'The Enslaver' and Commander Skorr 'The Bloodbringer'. Leading out the troops was Field Major Styre 'The Crusher'. And all of them were chanting their chilling war cry.


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This is a fan-made submission to Malus: World of War by TheToonGuy. All credit for this chapter goes to him. For behind the scenes on Malus: World of War, please visit:
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