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Malus: World of War I
Rumble in the Jungle
Mammoth VS Shere Khan

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The Jungle Book
Teen Titans
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Robin Hood (Ridley Scott)

The tiger Shere Khan crouched down into the tall grass, stalking the
dear that he intended to make his lunch.  However, his focus on the
hunt was deteriorated by his wandering thought on what had transpired
in the jungle lately.  A couple of weeks ago, small devices planted
into the ground had been discovered, radiating a strangely powerful
scent which no animal in the jungle recognized.  Days later, plants
grew larger, animals became faster and stronger, the jungle seemed to
breathe a whole new life.  Shere Khan was quite fascinated with the
sight, but figured that there must have been something more sinister
behind what was happening: human schemes.
Putting his focus back on the deer, he closed in slowly, his eyes
staying locked onto the prey.  However, as he prepared to make leap
for the kill, the deer fell lifelessly to the ground, stabbed by a
swiftly and accurately thrown spear.  Shere Khan ducked down quickly;
he quickly recognized the spear as a man-made weapon.  Never before
had he lost to an animal, but never before had he won against a human.
And humans were the only kind of creature that he feared.  However,
as he prepared to flea, he began to wonder just what the strange
substance that he had found could make him capable of.

Mammoth, a superhuman behemoth of a man, stepped out from behind a
tree to take a look at the prey he had just killed.  He had been
hunting all kinds of animals for hours now, but had not been able to
find the one he was looking for.  In the meantime, he figured that he
could practice before he found it.  Going over to fetch the spear from
the slaughtered deer, he whistled "Rhythm of the Jungle", a habit he
had recently picked up.  However, his whistling stopped when he found
that the spear was gone.  As far as he knew, his boss had not hired
anybody else to help him and had ensured that no other human would be
there to interfere with his affairs.  Looking around, he crouched
down, ready to fight.

Shere Khan slowly stalked his newfound prey.  He had determined that
his enhanced capabilities would likely enable him to defeat this
strange behemoth when he successfully pulled the spear from the deer
using his claws.  But first, he had to wait for the figure to have his
back to him, and then he would take the opportunity to attack.

Mammoth waited for a couple of minutes, but he could hear nothing.
So, relaxing himself, he turned to walk back into the trees.  However,
just as he was going back to hunt again, the very creature that he had
been looking leaped onto his back, digging his razor sharp claws into
his back.  Even for a physically enhanced animal, this creature was
incredibly strong, even a challenge for him.  He began to fall to the
ground in pain, but continued to persevere and stand his ground.
Reaching behind him, he felt the creature's neck and threw him off of
him, but felt its claws rip parts of his flesh and bones out.  And in
front of him was the very creature that he had been sent to capture,
Shere Khan.

Shere Khan quickly recovered and rose to his feet, "You're clearly not
a creature of the jungle.  And you don't bear the appearance of any
hunter I've ever seen.  Where, by chance, is your gun?"

Mammoth spat on the ground, "I ain't armed with nothin' but my fists."

Shere Khan smiled, "Finally, a human who fights with honor.  Now
please, leave my home."

Mammoth walked forward, "I will.  But you're comin' with me!"

He then lunged towards the tiger and brought his fist to strike him.
However, Shere Khan knocked his fist aside with his paw and tackled
Mammoth to the ground.  Mammoth put his hand on the tiger's throat to restrain him, but his claws still dug into his chest.  Mammoth craved blood, but he had been ordered specifically to bring Shere Khan back alive.

Mammoth rolled backwards, trying to get Shere Khan on his back, but the deadly feline pushed himself off the ground with his rear paws, then kicked Mammoth to give them a distance.  As the behemoth stumbled backwards, Shere Khan leaped in for the attack once again, but this time Mammoth was ready.  He extended his leg out and kicked Shere Khan in the face, knocking him down as soon as he came in.  As the tiger lied on the ground, trying to recover, Mammoth picked him up again and raised his knee, preparing to break the tiger's back.  But once again, Shere Khan proved too quick and agile for him, rolling out of Mammoth's grip and jumping back on the ground.  The superhuman turned to face him, but already Shere Khan was on the move.  He slashed Mammoth's front leg, giving him the most damage he had ever been delivered from an animal, and then leapt forward, slashing him across the chest.  Mammoth fell to the ground, holding his chest in shock and pain.  Never before had he encountered an animal this powerful.  He was incredibly fast and strong, and was nearly invincible in the open field.  But then, as Mammoth pondered this, his idea of victory came to him.

Shere Khan paced back and forth, testing his opponent's awareness,

"I must say, I expected far more from a man of your size.  Since you're going to die here, I'd much rather kill you when you're on your feet."

Mammoth then laughed to himself, rose to his feet, and ran.

Shere Khan gazed at his running opponent in amusement,

"Oh, you're going to try and outrun me.  How droll," his voice seemed to curl malignantly like a claw with the last word.

Normally, Shere Khan would have let his fallen enemy run.  But this was the first human he had ever defeated, and he now intended to fully claim his victory by killing this human and devouring him for the entire jungle to see.  He then ran after the human, imagining the glory he would receive from this great moment.

Mammoth ran into the trees, knowing this was where he could get the drop on Shere Khan.  He proceeded to climb the nearest one, and wait for the tiger to emerge.  Shere Khan ran into the forest, and paused for a while, his eyes darting about to find Mammoth.  Seeing his moment of vulnerability, Mammoth, his legs still holding onto the tree branch he was perched on top, reached down and grabbed the mighty tiger.  

As he pulled him up, Mammoth bit his ear to weaken him, keeping his teeth dug into the tiger as he roared in pain.  He then gripped Shere Khan in a stranglehold, holding onto him with all his strength.  Shere Khan gasped, kicked, and shook in Mammoth's grip, but there was nothing he could do to break it.  He also lashed his tail about, hoping to grab something that he could use to strike his holder, but he could find nothing.  However, he felt his tail slide against a rock that was the perfect size to grab.  He lifted the tip up a bit, then slid his tail around it to get a full grip on it.

But as he began to lift the rock, Shere Khan felt a long needle pierce the side of his neck.  He quickly put it aside and continued to lift the rock.  However, it became heavier with time and eventually, his tail succumbed to its weight and dropped the tail.  Shere Khan then began to feel tired and groggy, and collapsed into unconsciousness within seconds.

Mammoth, his mission complete, dropped the tiger onto the ground.  He then grabbed the branch with his hand, safely guiding himself back to the ground.  He cracked his back and his neck, the strain of his injuries beginning to go away.  He then walked over to Shere Khan,

"I'd love to kill you, buddy.  But the boss man wants you alive."

Mammoth then lifted Shere Khan onto his shoulder and began his journey out of the jungle.


Claude Frollo sat in his office, filling out papers that were meant to pay for the damages dealt in the city of Lyon, yet another victim of the Demon of France.  Suddenly, there was a knock on his door.

"Come in," Frollo said, still focusing on his paper work.

The door opened and in walked one of his knights.

"Sir Godfrey.  Good morning," he said, placing his quill down for a bit.

The bald knight walked in.

"Good morning, my lord."

Claude Frollo didn't have the utmost trust in Godfrey, but he considered him an efficient military man and found his abilities useful.

"The peasants are still outside.  I posted guards around the palace, but-"

"What peasants?"

"Apparently, Cardinal Richelieu lured the Demon of France to Lyon and placed the blame on you."

Frollo stood, a stern and serious look on his face.

"And those fools believe him?"

"It appears so.  I can put them to the noose, if you'd like."

Frollo stood up straight, looking to the cross that hung over his door.

"No.  That would be playing into Richelieu's hands.  Convicting Facilier and bringing him here for the steak will enlighten their spirits."

"With all due respect my lord, that might take too much time.  If we want the respect of the people back, I suggest that we kill the Demon of France before Richelieu does.  I recommend hiring a mercenary.  One of the best there is."

Frollo smiled creepily, "I know just the one."
Mammoth VS Shere Khan
Nintendogamemaster Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
I wonder who would be the mercenary...And Mammoth is working for someone, I guess tis hive, but first I will read the next.
UGAvillain Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
I really liked this fight too. Shere Khan is a badass through and through, and Frollo is shaping up to be quite epic as well from what I've seen so far of him.
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