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Malus: World of War I
The Mightiest Sorcerer In The World?...
Gargamel VS Malachite

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Gargamel sat at his desk, doing nothing but seething in frustration and anger.  The Smurfs had dove deeper into hiding with rumors of a global war on the way.  Gargamel cared not for the events of the world around him.  For as he saw it, once he killed the Smurfs and used their blood for his Blue Moon potion, he would be strong enough to subjugate everyone and everything to his will.  However, he could not find them, his extreme anger only somewhat soothed by his beloved cat, Azrael.  The orange feline hopped up onto his desk, eagerly waiting for his master to rub his head.  However, when Gargamel rubbed it, it felt like he was about to rip the flesh off.

"Those blasted Smurfs!  Just when I finally have them in my grasp, they go burrowing into their tiny little holes like the cowards they are!  And all because of a bunch of stupid rumors about some war that may or may not happen!  Would it kill them to just let me find them, cut them apart, and the use them for my potion?!"

As he spoke, he delved deeper into his anger, making his scratching more and more painful for Azrael.  Just when Azrael prepared to hop back onto the floor, the amateur sorcerer tightened his grip, almost lifting the cat off the table with every scratch he made.

"Whenever I'm about to finally defeat them, they decide, 'Oh, we're too good and blue to play fair!  We'll just go hiding under the ground and wait for Gargamel to go away.'  The Na'vi were more dignified than these little rats!  Even when I wear a disquise, they seem so comfortable to recognize me and ruin all of my hard work!  

Azrael began to yowl at his discomfort, but Gargamel was too frustrated to hear anything.

"Nothing I try works!  They won't come out for me, but they'd be willing to come out for another sorcerer!  Those little..."

He stopped in the middle of a sudden thought spurred by his words.  He was holding Azrael a couple of centimeters off the desk.

"Another sorcerer.  That's it!!!  I hire another sorcerer!"

He put Azrael down and began to walk around in thought.

"I tell him about my problems with the Smurfs.  He waits outside their village, tells them to come out because it's safe.  Then he captures them, brings them to my hut, I FINALLY complete the Blue Moon Potion, and then I crush every being in this miserable world!"

He then clapped his hands together in accomplishment, cracking his knuckles.


He then walked over to a cauldron and picked up a purple potion near it.  There was already boiling water inside the cauldron, so all that he had to do was pour the potion into the water, take a nearby ore, and stir the water.  When he had stirred it five times and the water emanated a purple glow, he then spoke:

"Show me a sorcerer with the power to defeat the Smurfs!"

The water then formed an image.  Within the cauldron, Gargamel saw a man dressed entirely in black, including a trench coat, sunglasses, and a hat, carrying a bo staff.  Behind him rose an inferno and a wreckage of cars, tanks, and helicopters.  Cops with nightsticks charged him, but with lightning speed, he sent the men flying with his bo staff.  One more positioned himself behind the man, poised to fire his pistol.  However, as he pulled the trigger, the sorcerer placed his bo staff behind him, ricocheting the bullet into the man's hip.  As the cop fell to the ground, grunting and gasping in pain, the mighty sorcerer walked towards him.  

"Who- what are you?!" exclaimed the injured man.

The sorcerer then held his right hand, which wore a peculiar looking gauntlet on it, and spoke back,

"I am Malachite."

A green beam of energy then shot from the gauntlet, vaporizing the man instantly.  Malachite then calmly turned around, walking away from the fiery mess with not so much as a sweat on him.  

The water in the cauldron then reverted back to it's glowing, purple color.  Gargamel was left crouching by the cauldron, his large nose tipped over the edge, incredibly amazed at what he had seen.  

"He's PERFECT!!!  Where can I find this... Malachite?"

The water showed him another image, marking a location in the United States: Chicago.  He smiled with excitement and glee; the time where he would defeat the Smurfs was finally at hand.


The people of Chicago walked through the streets, living in their daily lives.  Suddenly, a nearby mailbox combusted violently, and in its place stood a dazed Gargamel.

"Okay, I still need to work on teleporting." he said between hobbling and wobbling back and forth.  He then quickly regained his composure, walking through the confused crowds of people.  

"What are you looking at?!" he shouted to the people who stared at him with peculiar looks on their faces.


Before he had left his hut, Gargamel had placed a tracking spell on Malachite using the cauldron.  However, when he arrived in a small clearing in the woods, Malachite was no where to be seen.  Just as he was about to seethe in rage at his bad luck, he heard foot steps behind him.

"What do you want?" said Malachite.

Gargamel smiled as he laid his eyes upon the sorcerer who help him finally gain ultimate power.

"I am Gargamel, the mightiest sorcerer in the world." said Gargamel, his vanity giving off that he did not know who he was dealing with.

Malachite raised an eyebrow at this claim.  For the "mightiest sorcerer in the world," he didn't look like much.

Gargamel then continued, "And I have come to seek your aid."

Malachite had his doubts about this man, but he continued to listen as Gargamel walked about the small area in which they stood, explaining his situation.

"For years, I have hunted down creatures known as the Smurfs to use them for ingredients in a potion that will give me control over this pathetic world.  However, because those cowards refuse to come out of their holes and fight fair, I have had no success in capturing them.  From what I know, you are a sorcerer with the power to defeat them.  So, if you join me, I will give you a share of my potion."

However, Malachite wasn't impressed.  He could see right through his lies of sharing the potion with him.  So, he turned to walk away.  Gargamel's face contorted with anger at this non-verbal insult.

"Where do you think you're going?!  Did you not hear my offer?!" he shouted.

Malachite stopped in his tracks, then turned around to face Gargamel.  

"If you are truly the mightiest sorcerer in the world, you wouldn't need my help in capturing a species of small, blue creatures.  I can tell just by the way that you carry yourself that you possess undignified skills with magic.  And if that's not what it reveals about you, any fool could tell that you are not fit to rule this world."

Gargamel then began to shout louder than he ever had in a long time, "How dare you?!  I am Gargamel, the most powerful sorcerer in this world!  I will not be insulted by a lowly vagrant such as you!"

Malachite then calmly took a few steps forward.  "If you are truly as powerful as you say..."  He then swung his bo-staff downward, sending a gust of wind that pushed Gargamel back a couple of feet.

"Then prove it."

This was what drove Gargamel to the peak of his rage.  He rose his hands, orbs of blue energy appearing in each of them, fused them together, and then shot them at Malachite.  However, the wizard merely knocked the attack away with his bo-staff, causing it to tear a nearby tree stump to pieces.  However, it was still relatively weak for a fused energy attack.

Gargamel then prepared two more bolts of energy, and fired them both separately, yet simultaneously.  He had a great feeling that this would catch Malachite off guard.  However, Malachite moved his free hand towards each bolt with inhuman speed, absorbing each of them into his gauntlet as they struck it.

Gargamel widened his eyes in shock, but nonetheless persevered.  His stubbornness hid the truth from him; this was a fight that he could not win.  

Instead of shooting another energy bolt, he employed telekinetic fields to latch onto a nearby tree branch.  It eventually snapped and fell towards Malachite... but he just stood there as the tiny piece of wood bounced off of him.

Gargamel lowered his head in embarrassment at his poor spellwork.  But then, he raised it high once again.

"So, you survived some of my basic spells," he said, hiding the fact that Malachite had effortlessly knocked aside some of the most powerful spells in his arsenal.  "But now, it's time for you to die!"

Gargamel then raised his arms high, and in his arms formed a large orb of energy.  Malachite merely stood there watching, unphased.  For he recognized that Gargamel's form was poor, and that his own spell would soon backfire on him.

Gargamel laughed maniacally as he prepared to throw the orb.  However, the weight of if eventually caught him off guard, and as he struggled to hold it up, he fell down, the bolt stunning its own conjuror soon after he hit the ground.  

Malachite then walked forward to see if the poor sorcerer had survived.  Gargamel lay on the ground, alive, but coughing and trying to hold onto consciousness.  

"Your power is so great!" said a wounded Gargamel in disbelief, not recognizing the fact that it was mainly his own lack of power that had cost him the fight.  

Malachite then turned to walk away, knowing that the sorcerer posed no threat to him.  However, behind him, Gargamel rose once again, wobbling about, but trying to look as proud and mighty as he possibly could.

"Where are you going?!  Our duel isn't finished yet!" shouted Gargamel.

Hearing his exhausted enemy, Malachite turned around slightly to finish the duel.  With a lazy flick of his wrist, he fired an energy bolt at Gargamel that vaporized him before he could even scream.  With the duel finished, Malachite then continued to walk away, his own plans waiting to be fulfilled.  


The sun was setting in Manhattan as the Eyrie Building stood proud and tall in its center.  And in the tower resided one of the three most powerful crime lords in the entire world, David Xanatos.  He sat in his chair as he watched the sunset.  He found solace in watching such a beautiful sight, for he knew that he might not be able to relive that solace for a while.  He saw it everywhere, on the news, in the papers, and in the events occurring in his own city; war was beginning.  Though he was confident that he would emerge victorious in the end, he was unsure as to what it would cost him.

A couple of seconds into a few newly developing thoughts, his right-hand man, Owen Burnett, entered the office.

"Mr. Xanatos," he calmly said.

David turned his chair back towards his desk to face Owen,

"Good evening, Owen.  Might I ask where is Fox right now?" he said politely with a charismatic smile.

"Your wife is with Alexander right now.  She is safely inside, just as you requested."

Xanatos adjusted his tie a bit.  He had arranged for more secure measures in his city, knowing that violence would soon be running about.  

"Good.  How's Alexander's training coming?"

"The boy is learning quickly.  He's spoken some new words as well."

"He's his father's son.  Now, what is it that you came to tell me?"

Owen walked forward, adjusting his suit a bit,

"Lord Facilier is arranging a party down in New Orleans.  Apparently, crime lords from around the world are going there.  It might be a good chance for you to get a feel of the growing tension."

Xanatos stood up,

"When is it?"

"Thursday.  He suggested being there by Wednesday, though."

"Very well.  I've been looking to see how the mob's been getting along.  And Facilier does know how to throw a party.  Give him a call.  Tell him I'll come."
Gargamel VS Malachite
Nintendogamemaster Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
Poor Gargamel, well, at least we got introduced to Xanatos.
UGAvillain Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
Loved this fight. I don't much care for Malachite, but it was very amusing to watch Gargamel do himself in. Also, I'm not entirely sure about making Xanatos a crime lord. Organized crime and gangs aren't really his style, but we'll see where it goes. I certainly hope that you treat him well. Loving these chapters so far!
UncleGargy Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hope Malachite knows that he is now Azrael's owner? Yes Gargamel far too stubborn for his own good....
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